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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Asperia's story

I've got some of my story written, in the form of a prequel to the story, about a girl called Asperia who is accused of killing several people, and later put onto the same station as the main character. Link is HERE.
Just scroll down a bit, and you'll find my gallery. The series is titled "Asperia part X"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Refreshed, going again

First, you MUST check out the new version of "Where Dragons Rule" by Dragonforce. It's so great, loads more atmospheric, you can hear the background music. It's like the one from Twilight Dementia, only studio. The keyboard is much clearer, they have used a better outro that just fading out, and changed some of the riff a bit.
Secondly, my story's first chapter is loads better than it was. I think everyone should rewrite part of their story, just so they can see what it's like once you've written part of it and know all the characters.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Godsdamnit! This stupid cleanup program deleted everything! I've lost my original save files for Titan Quest, which I managed to reconstruct with TQ Defiler. But what really annoys me? It deleted all my storywriting! WHY!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New things, darned dark

Okay, last Friday at games night we had a game based around one team having a Baneblade and the other a Stompa. Two 1/1296 chance things happened. The stompa shot the baneblade, getting 3 chain reactions (6s) and then rolling a 6 for the explosion type. It then exploded and wiped out our entire army. The the next turn the stompa repaired the two points of damage my Vindicare had done to it. The turn after, the Vindicare penetrated it, getting 4 chain reactions on the stompa and destroying it. It didn't wipe out their army though.
   Next game I was allowed to try out 1000 points of Dark Eldar. I had 2 5-man Kabalite squads, a raider, a venom, 2 razorwing jetfighters, a talos, and 5 scourges. It was a 4 way battle, between me, Gray knights (Using a large squad of Paladins), Necrons (with the nightbringer) and tyranids. I got the first turn and went straight for the 'nids. I fired all 8 necrotoxin missiles, killing the entire gaunt brood and all but two Ymargil genestealers. The hive tyrant charged my scourges, killing one, and the leader with power weapon took a wound off the hive tyrant. My talos charged in, taking no damage from the tyrant and pulverizing it in return. My warriors fought a 5 man GK strike squad, and killed them after losing one of my squads to running off.  The razorwings were saved numerous times by the flickerfield, night shields doing nothing. One of the Tyranid warriors was gunned down, while the other and the prime was attacked by the talos, who insta-killed the warrior, and took two wounds off the prime, who was then killed by the ichor injector. The prime used rending to take a second wound off the talos. On the last turn I managed to take 3 wounds off the nightbringer by firing every poisoned weapon and dark lance I had at it. Some rippers appeared behind the last two kabalite.
   I was extremely happy with the 80 points from the nectotoxin missiles wiping out almost two squads on turn 1. The talos was amazing, especially with the upgrades. I completely forgot to mount the warriors on their transports, though.
   I think I shall start a Dark Eldar army.I've always wanted scourges, because of their models, especially the wings. And a turn 1 annihilation is always good.

   In other news, Evanesence has released their single, What You Want, onto iTunes, and I have added a link to the website and lyrics on youtube on my Music page.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


by L.A. Weatherly.
   I picked up this book based on the cover art; it seems interesting to read about dangerous angels. Plus at that point I had a thing for angels. Anyway, this book is about Sam, an Angel Killer, and Willow, a girl who can tell fortunes. Sam is sent to kill Willow by the angels, who actually run the AK organisation, but he realizes she is not an angel, and rescues her from the angels when they come after her.
   This story is part action, part romance. It shows the way that Sam and Willow become friends, from being annoyed at each other for their own reasons. The story is told from several perspectives, the first-person being Willow, while Sam and the Angels are in third-person. Anyway, I'm going to be looking for the sequels for this book, one of which should be released sometime this year.
Oh, and by the way,
Here is my new TF2 video

Friday, August 5, 2011


Here you can see the battlefield.

About half an hour ago, I finished a large game at my local Games Workshop, where our team were allowed to take 1250 pts each. I didn't take quite that much; I took:

  • Inquisitor Coteaz
  • Warband - 6 psykers, 2 servitors, 1 with heavy bolter, 1 with multi melta, 4 warriors, all with carapace armor, 1 with plasma gun
  • Warband - 4 warriors, all with carapace, 3 with flamehtrowers
  • Warband - 3 warriors, all with carapace
  • Warband - 3 warriors, all with carapace, 1 mystic
  • Vindicare Assassin
  • Callidus Assassin
Our objective were as follows:
   1 VP for holding both (2) bastions (left in the picture)
   1 VP for killing the designated enemy commander
   1 VP for carrying the intelligence at the end of the game (located in the center crater, near a tall building)
   1 VP for keeping at least on scout* alive and on your team (Rhino is to the right of the picture)
* Five scouts were placed in the Rhino wreckage, 4 with bolters, 1 with heavy bolter. Scouts were captured if a model came within 3 inches and passed a leadership test. The scouts would then join the unit. Scouts could be taken from an enemy unit by standing nearby. Scouts do not count as moving when they are attached, even if the leader unit did (unless the scouts actually moved).
   In addition, the intelligence in the middle was surrounded by spore mines with modified rules.
   On our team, we also had:

  •    5 Grey Knight Paladins, with halberds, 1 with warding stave
  • GK librarian, with Level 3 and Quicksilver and Might of Titan
  • 2 land raiders
  • 1 land raider crusader
  • I dreadnought with lascannon
  • Tactical squad with missile and plasma gun
  • SM commander
  • Honor guard
  • Assault terminators, some with hammers, some with claws
  • Razorback with lascannon
  • Terminators with missile launcher
From what I can remember, the enemy had:

  • Guardsmen veterans with lascannon
  • Leman Russ Eradicator
  • Eldrad
  • Dire Avengers
  • Wraithguard (lots, like >8)
  • 3 squads of fire warriors
  • Commander Farsight
  • 3 XV8 bodyguard
  • Hive Tyrant
  • 3 ripper swarms
  • Eldar Falcon/Wave serpent with bright lance(?)
  • Tyranid warriors, 1 venom cannon, 1 devourer
  • Genestealers
  • Gaunts, some with fleshborers, some with spinefists
  • Vespid Stingwings
Onto the report, (or what I remember)
   The enemy got turn 1, even with Coteaz's initiative reroll. They blew up the land raider on the left, and destroyed an assault cannon on the other. The Eradicaor shot my psyker mob, killing a few of the warriors.
The Tyranids moved forwards quickly, while the neutral scouts randomly moved towards the enemy lines.
   On our turn, I blew the eradicator to pices using the Vindicare's turbo penetrator shot. The Hive Tyrant was gunned down as well, awarding us a VP. My flamer mob, with only one surviving member, moved forwards and torched the crater with the spore mines and intelligence, killing all but one. My psykers blew themselves up, due to having to roll 3 dice from some Eldar rule.
   Turn 1, Imperials, 1, aliens, 1 (from holding the two bastions).
   In the neutral phase, the last spore mine blew up my flamer guardsman, and the scouts continued to move towards the enemy.
   The enemy Tyranids continued to swarm forwards, when we realized the rippers only had a land raider to chew on. The Dire Avengers piled into the crater, where the exarch picked up the intel, and they blasted my mystic squad, killing all but 1 warrior. The wraithguard took control of the scouts.
   On our turn, my Vindicare failed to destroy one of the bastions, and my last guardsman failed to kill an Avenger. However, the Assault terminators slammed into the Wraithguard, along with my three-man warrior squad. The warriors did nothing, but took advantage of the consolidation when the terminators wiped out the wraithguard. The Assault Terminators then took control of the last two scouts.
 Score: Imperials, 2, aliens, 2
   Turn 3, the last turn.
   There were no more spore mines, and the scouts were under our control, so there was no neutral turn.
   The aliens continued to swarm forward, though the Tyranids couldn't assault.The DIre Avengers held down the crater, while the guardians and fire warriors fired at the terminators. Commander Farsight and his bodyguard turned up, firing on our commander and his honor guard, killing all but the Commander and one guard. The Tyranid Warriors finished off my psyker mob, leaving Coteaz on his own. The second last scout was killed, leaving the heavy bolter on his own.
   On our turn, I tried to put as much fire into the Avengers. The Vindicare fired at the Exarch, who was only saved by the reroll to his cover save granted by fortune. I attached the scouts to my last warror from the three man squad, and they jumped into a land raider, guaranteeing us at least a 2 all draw. Not good enough. My Callidus Assassin had turned up, killing 5 fire warriors in a bastion using polymorphine, and the neural shredder killed the second last fire warrior. The last fled the bastion, allowing the Assassin to contest the bastion objective, allowing us a win.
   Final result: Imperials 2, Aliens 1. Imperial Victory!

   I have to say that the Callidus Assassin finally paid off, winning us the game. I actually only took her to fill up points, but she is definitely going to be in future games. I noticed there was a group of Vespids, who had hid behind the Tau bastion the entire game, and did absolutely nothing. This was one of the most exciting games I have played in a while, where we almost lost. We only had one scout left, and our commander was down to one bodyguard, and being hunted down by Farsight. I'm so glad I had a plan B for when the Vindicare failed to kill the Exarch (who would have dropped the papers, costing them a point).
   So people should really stop saying the Callidus is useless!

Small Update

I have moved all the music links from "Stuff..." to a new page, "Music".

The Griffin's Flight

Part two in the Fallen Moon series.
   After leaving Eagleholm, and all his friends, Arren travels north, where he could live with other northerners. He and Skandar meet Skade, a griffin turned into a human as punishment for killing a human after they killed hers, because he was a northerner, like Arren. The two of them quickly become friends, and Skade tells Arren she is looking for a spirit cave that will remove her curse. Later, Arren is captured and made a slave, and has to find a way to escape from the slavery and find Skade and Skandar, as well as freeing the other northerners, so they wouldn't be punished if he escaped on his own. He meets his father, Cadrock, who is also sent to the camp after he is caught after his escape from Eagleholm.
   I found Skade to be an incredibly interesting character, and I liked her instantly. I like the way the author makes you like every single character, even some of the other slaves. You feel like they all have a story and a life of their own, rather than being miscellaneous unnamed characters. You also really want Skade and Skandar to get along, so that Skade can be with Arren.


Interestingly enough, I have recently read two books titled "Angel" and have found a third. The first one, that I will review now, was written by James Patterson, and is the seventh novel in the Maximum Ride series.
   Now, I found that this book really began to pick up the series again, after the 4th to 6th books. This book actually makes alot more sense than Fang or The Final Warning, and is definately alot more interesting.
   After Fang leaves in the sixth book, he recruits a group of followers - including Max's clone. Max finds out (via his blog) and the groups all meet up to fight a a group that want to wipe out humanity to allow mutants to take over. Come to think of it, this seems alot like Magneto in X-Men. Anyway, Max and her new allies all manage to get along long enough to fight back, although they have troubles as the enemy can hypnotise others to join their cause, before getting the humans together to kill themselves.
   I found that this book definately made the series interesting again, and sets itself up for the last book in the series. The fourth, fifth and sixth books were not really continuous; they had one entire adventure which finished in the same book, unlike the first three that had the School as the enemies throughout all of them, giving you a reason to read the other two after the first. I think it may have been that the series was alot more interesting when people were acutally trying to kill them.