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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things on TF2

OK, so I've managed to get the new spy and pyro weapons, as well as the danger shield, the Bushwhacka, the Battalion's backup, the Mad Milk, & the Holy Mackerel. But I'd like the fez for the spy, since it's so useful for Dead Ringing. I've found how to craft it: 4 refined metals+ 1 class specific set weapon (in this case, L'etranger or your eternal reward)= class specific set hat. Now I have to get 4 refined metals (4 refined= 12 reclaimed=36 scrap=72 weapons. This could take a while.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Few new things

Okay, I've got that Space Marine tactical squad finished that I mentioned a few posts back. Also, as I mentioned a bunch of posts back, the TF2 update has come out. The pyro's new flamethrower seems a but weak, but you can airblast an enemy pyro, switch to the shotgun, shoot him, and switch back to the degreaser to airblast him. The Powerjack, however, seems more useful, especially in melee sudden death, since it restores heath and does extra damage. Also, I would try and get the sniper's set, to avoid headshots, but 1) the huntsman or sniper rifle would be more useful, since they deal headshots, allowing you to kill heavies. A fully charged shot from the sydney sleeper would only do 150 damage, authough you could no-scope the heavy, to jarate him, then charge up a shot to kill him and 2) I like the Trophy Belt better than "'ol Snaggletooth". What I'm trying to get are the spy's new weapons. The Eternal reward looks to be good for people who don't use disguises much, relying on cloak instead, and you could 1) backstab someone to disguise as them, then 2) backstab an engie without having to worry about his sentry shooting you, since it would instantly disguise you as the engineer.
  Also I'm a bit worried about some numbers. Look at this: 1/3=33.33 (recurring) %= 33.33(recurring)/100=3.33(recurring)/10=0.33(recurring)/1. Multiply by 3 and you have 0.99(recurring)/3. Therefore 1/3 = 0.99 (recurring)/3. Is this right? Or am I doing something wrong?