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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It dissappeared!

  (it's actually a book)
I think it's a good book, definitely suspenseful, and also exciting. It's about an area where all of the adults, or 15+ year olds, disappear, and people develop powers all over the FAYZ (fallout allay youth zone), which is what the 20 mile diameter around the power plant, which is sealed off by an impenetrable wall, which is apparently a sphere. There are several characters; Sam, who most of the town want to take charge and has the power to create light; Astrid, who is very smart and is Sam's girlfriend (but denies it); Quinn, who's Sam's surf buddy; Albert, who runs the McDonalds; Lana, who can heal people, but is stuck outside the town, with her dog, Patrick. They both have to survive coyotes and other mutant animals. There's also Edilio, who is another of Sam's friends (and who is not mentioned in the wiki as of date of writing). Also, from Coates academy, are a bunch of people who want to take over Perdido bay: Caine, who has the power of telekenisis, and is also the leader of the group; Diana, who helps by reading the level of people's powers; Drake, Caine's right hand man and a psycho;Computer Jack, a computer geek; Bug, a boy who can use chameleon skin to sneak around. My 3 favourite characters are: Edilio, Drake and Lana. I read this book whenever I could until I finished, because it was so interesting. I would recommend this book to adventure, science-fiction, or suspense readers.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Don't That Beat All

It's finally here! With another new weapon, the Gunslinger, which deploys combat sentries (faster deploying, cheaper, weaker, un-upgradable sentries), and gives the engineer more starting health. I'm not sure what the other new wrench does, I'll look it up. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the three new payload maps: Thunder Mountain, Upward, and Hightower. The gunslinger allows the engineer to be much more useful in attack, because normally, he is useless, because the defenders don't need to go to his sentries. I don't know if the Gunslinger lets you upgrade/repair buildings, since there are no negative effects mentioned, so I assume that the disadvantage is not having the normal wrench.
     Congratulations to the people who found a golden wrench! If you find it, I don't see the point in having the standard wrench, since they are the same in effect, but the golden wrench is cooler. And achievements as well! Wait, I just found out about another map: ColdFront, a CP map. Apparently, the engineer gets to use his guitar, not sure how though, and you can also carry your buildings, don't know how either. I also read about something called the Southern Hospitality, possibly the new wrench, or maybe it lets you pick up buildings. I'm going to play ASAP. I want to try out all the new weapons, especially the wrangler and gunslinger.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Engineer

Finally, the Engineer update for TF2 is coming tomorrow, on Thursday. So far, there has been mention of three new items: Frontier Justice, which is a revenge shotgun (has less shots and no random crits, but gets crits when your sentries are destroyed), the Wrangler, which lets you take manual control of your sentries, and possibly the golden wrench, which turns enemies into gold instead of corpses, but this might only be limited, and not in the update, and a new item being shown once 75 golden wrenches have been found. Can't wait for tomorow.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Finished this now,
 It was good. I liked the story with Roran and the villagers, and what happened to the Varden while Eragon was training. There was a good ending, with a twist, which stopped the story from being mainly about Roran and the villagers, which would have been OK, but this made this book really good.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vamps and Engies

I have recently read most of Christopher Pike's "The Last Vampire" series. I haven't read the first or sixth books yet, because they're not a the school library. But I liked the series so far. I again feel that I have to read the first book to find out alot of details that are spoken about in the books that I have read.
   I'll get onto that soon.
  Meanwhile, I've begun reading Eldest, which is the sequel to Eragon. More on that when I finish.
 Also, I'm waiting for the TF2 engineer update to come out. I saw a video with something called the amplifier, which gives crits to people nearby, but I've realized thet thet would have to replace another building, such as the sentry or dispenser, which I would like to keep. Also on the TF2 wiki, there is a picture of the engineer holding a type of shotgun/rifle. The engineer needs some way to: find spies, like Jarate or the pyro's flamethrower, fight at long range, or at least out of the sentry's range, and maybe something like the razorback. Also, as pointed out on the wiki, there might be some sort of robot.