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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Few new things...

...and I should think of better titles.
   Firest up, a few reviews. The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks, is about Nina, a modern day vampire, who is part of a support group for vampires. However, the group isn't just there to stop them biting people; the vampires themselves are always sick and can't heal themselves like normal people.
   The story starts when they discover that someone has decided to go and kill vampires, from believing all the horror stories about them, wheras these vampires are almost useless.
   I thought this was a great twist on what "normal" vampires are like. I would reccommend this to people who like comedy, and vampires, and don't have a huge interest in teen romance novels.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pink, Blue and Ugly

So, yesterday, I bought a box of pink horrors and the changeling for WH40k. I got them mainly so that I could do something on the turn I deep strike, and to stop some shooting using the Changeling. I would like to see a 50-man platoon squad of guardsmen shoot their own team. Also, it seems that even a baneblade can be affected, since Glamor of Tzeench is not a psychic power, but an ability. So now I'll be saving up for Fateweaver. I'm starting to like Tzeench because of their sneaky abilities.
   In other news, I've found an artist I like, named Anne Stokes. Her website is here. Have a look, see if you like it.
   Also, I've started listening to My Chemical Romance. My favorite songs are: