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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I haven't posted for a long time. So, what's new in my life? Well, firstly, I was going to talk about my time playing League of Legends (LoL). LoL is a MOBA type game, that is, one that is based of DotA. It involves the player controlling a champion throughout the game, who gains in levels and items. In a standard game, there are five players on each team. They start in opposite corners of a square map, with three lanes connecting the two bases, one directly through the middle, and two running along the edges. Your aim is simply to destroy the enemy base. Each lane has three towers, and one inhibitor. Towers are tough, and deal alot of damage, and the easiest was to destroy them is to kill enemy minions, so that yours will go to the tower, take hits from it, while you destroy it. Each round usually goes for 40-60 mins. There are alot of good videos on youtube of these games. I played DotA a few years ago, but I stoppes because it was too confusing to play. LoL is alot simpler, with an actual tutorial to teach you the basics. It's also free to play, if anyone's interested in playing it themselves, which was one of the main appeals to me, being a fun F2P game.

Another game that I've taken an interest in recently is Soul Calibur, which is basically a 3D fighting game, involving two players who are in a small arena and have to beat each other. I'm currently saving for SC5, but I already have an interest in a few of the characters, mainly Tira and Ezio.

Which reminds me, in my next post I'll be having a look ar Assassin's Creed 2.