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Friday, December 9, 2011


So now I've read up to a bit past chapter 200 of Yureka. I've noticed that the story seems to have stryed a bit from the original; where they used to go around playing Lost Saga, now they're out in the real world, trying to save Jahea. I have found the character, Row-the-Mighty, to be alot more interesting than I'd originally thought. I thought he'd just be "the guy in the red shirt", who dies at the start of a dungeon, or who just gets bullied by Roto. But no! Yureka is the one who gets bullied by Roto, and the necromancer from the doubles tournament is the redshirt. Row turns out to be one of the best players; he actually gets into the doubles tournament at the start, and comes close to beating Yureka. He also becomes friends with Roto, and play the FPS with him. He even attempts to hold the city by himself, and throws away his master-level to continue defending. He's probably actually the most heroic character, despite seeming like a loser at the start to the series.
   Also, my story is kinda progressing. I've managed to introduce the main characters. At the moment, actually, I'm trying to make an outline of a comic, for a spin-off that has nothing to do with the main story.
   Anyway, I hope to upload another drawing this weekend. In addition, I wasnt to do a review of Rusty Hearts.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reading many comics

   So recently I have gotten back into reading manga, after having finished my last book (I don't remember what that was). So I've read through the entire series of Rosario Vampire. Part 1 that is. It's about a boy who is enrolled in a high school for monsters, him being the only human there, as humans are forbidden to enter,and he would be killed if anyone found out. As soon as Tsukune (the boy) arrives, he is run over by a girl named Moka, who he falls in love with, and she reveals she is a vampire and bites him. It's actually a comedy series, where all the girls at school want to be with Tsukune for one reason or another, and they join him in the newspaper club, which is almost completely made up of girls who like Tsukune.
   Another series I've been reading is Yureka, or id_entity. This one starts off as a funny series, but later on it becomes alot darker. In the MMORPG, Lost Saga, Roto, a mage, and his friends Ah-Dol and Boromid are part of one of the most powerful groups in the game, which they call team Triple Threat. The first volume just introduces all of the characters, and in volume two, the story really starts. Roto (I can't remember his real name) finds a player's card, with Yureka written on it. When he gets home, he accidentally puts in the card, and finds himself playing as a girl. He spies on his friends, pretending to be Yureka. However, the next time he logs on, as Roto, he finds Yureka also there, despite the fact he still has her player card in his bedroom. After that, she becomes a permanent member of their team, though they never change their name officially.
   In other, non-manga news, I've bought myself a Dark Eldar raider, which I hope will let me get the wyches into combat without being gunned down by a punisher cannon. I also hope to upload anothe picture soon, maybe this weekend