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Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Class

   A few days ago, I watched X-Men First Class
It seems to be a prequel to X-Men, about Professor X and Magneto (Erik). Anyway, I wanted to watch something over the holidays, and this was likely the best option. I thought that the characters were interesting, and I didn't realize that Beast was named Hank until near the end. I completely forgot. Erik and Raven were the most interesting characters in the movie, while Angel had my favorite powers. I also noticed that the whirlwind guy never speaks (or maybe I missed it?). I don't know alot about the X-Men; I only watched a few episodes.
BTW, I updated my Stuff To Look Out For page

Few updates...

... and I haven't slept for the last 24 hours.
  So, I'll write whatever I think of.
   Two more songs:
   Call me when you're sober - Evanescence
   Chop Suey - System of a Down

   Second, I've had some time to try out some of the new TF2 items.
   The Diciplinary Action is loads of fun, but not actually very useful.
   The "Thousand and one Demoknights" set is great; you have the ability to ram someone AND crit him with your sword in the same charge.
   The Quick Fix is alot more appealing than it was in the Beta; now it has an immunity to slowdown on it's ubercharge, so you can combine it with a "real" uber to be invulnrable and non-knockbackable. I see little use in the new melee weapon for the medic, the amputator or the Ubersaw are way more useful, especially if you don't voice chat.
   I've played a few games on Nightfall, one of the newer Plr maps. I haven't played many plr games before, but I've found that the Pain Train can actually be useful; you'll survive longer than a scout and push just as fast.
   Degroot Keep has had a few plays. I like playing as a demoknight, on either side, and you can launch yourself up a rock in front of blu spawn to land on red battlements. And bowmen can set their arrows on fire using the braziers located around the castle and the aforementioned rock.

   Third, I played AvP while it was on sale on steam, for $10! The single player game was too short, and is not really worth replaying. And there are no multiplayer servers to play on.
   Fourth, I've almost got a start to my story. It's set on a moon base (not Earth's moon), and is about a person who is a relatively powerful mage. Relatively. She can sense other people's emotions, whether she wants to or not. So she goes for training on this station, to try to block out thoughts when she doesn't want to hear them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Fallen Moon - The Dark Griffin

The Dark Griffin, the first in The Fallen Moon series, by K J Taylor, is about a man named Arren Cadrockson, who starts his story as Master of Trade at Eagleholm, along with his companion, the griffin Eluna. Grifiners are always treated with respect, even a northener like Arren. At least to his face. When a raid causes the death of one of the criminals, Arren and Eluna are forced to capture or kill a black griffin that has been troubling a nearby town to repay the dead man's family. When he goes to fight the griffin, he sucessfully captures it, but Eluna is killed while defending him. He takes the griffin to the arena at Eagleholm, where, due to his griffin having been killed, and being a northerner, he loses all of his satus, and his job as Master of Trade. Lord Rannagon declines having any knowledge of sending Arren to capture the griffin, and calls Arren mad, which almost everyone believes, because he is a northerner, and he let his griffin get killed. His friends, Flell, Bran and Gern, try to look after him, but when he tells them, Gern is killed in an "accident". Meanwhile, "Darkheart", the griffin captured by Arren, quickly becomes a favourite at the arena. Arren sets out trying to get revenge on Rannagon, who is also his girlfriend Flell's father.
   This book is very good at making you care for Arren, and hate Rannagon for causing Arren to lose his life ;! You also end up wondering if Arren really is crazy, at times, and I spent alot of time wondering if Flell would still love Arren if he tried to kill her father. Even Darkheart is and interesting character. You are also constantly reminded that this is also a very realistic story, that there really isn't anything Arren can do to prove he is right, and that Rannagon is competely serious about his threats. Gern isn't a "Jenkins" who dies before you even know anything about him, he is Arren's friend for almost half the book, and then you feel that the author will kill anyone in this story, when he dies.
   An extremely gripping book, and the series is definately worth reading.

Friday, July 1, 2011


   I picked this book up after a reccomendation from a friend. In addition, the rest of my family, with the obvious exception of my brother, has read it already.
   The first thing that you notice when you read this book is the WW1 style map inside the front cover. In fact, throughout the whole book, there are excellent drawings that really help you to visualise the story. One of the first ones, of the stormwalker, was one of my favourite pictures.
   The story is set around two people, Derin Sharp, who pretends to be a boy so she can join the air force, and Alexander Ferdinand, the son of Franz Ferdinand. Derin comes aboard the Leviathan, a giant flying whale, when her tryout for joining the airforce goes wrong. Alex is woken up in the middle of the night by Count Volger and Master Klopp, and when he realises that they aren't going for a practice run, he accuses them of kidnapping him and lying to him. However, he soon discovers that assassins are actually after him to prevent him from taking the throne after Franz Ferdinand is killed.
   One of the main interesting points of this book is that the Entente have "Darwinist" creations, such as the Leviathan, or the fletchete bats, as part of their civilisation, while the Central Powers, or "Clankers", use steampunk machines, like the stormwalker.