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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I found some answers to some questions on GW2, here
Here are a few important ones (to me anyway).
When is Guild Wars 2 going to be released?
No official date has been announced for the release of Guild Wars 2, only that it will be released "when it is ready". However, according to NCsoft conference call from Q3 2009, the beta is expected to start in 2010 and the final game is expected to be released in 2011.

So what is the level cap?
The level cap is 80.

Am I going to have to endlessly grind to reach the level cap?
No. The time needed to level up should never exceed 90 minutes. Moreover, the leveling curve flattens, so each subsequent level will take about the same time to reach.

Will there be a healing class?
There will be no dedicated healing profession in Guild Wars 2.
How many professions are there going to be?
There will be 8 professions in the initial release of Guild Wars 2.
Will there still be secondary professions?
Secondary professions were originally included, however due to the unique mechanics of each profession and the increased role of race in character customization, they are no longer a feature of the game.
Will professions have racial restrictions?
All professions will be available to all races. All races are equally able to play all professions.
Can I change my profession?
No? But what happens if my race ends up sucking at playing a particular profession?
ArenaNet is designing the racial skills to add flavor, but to be underpowered relative to the professions' skills. The profession will have the most impact on a character's ability.

Is there going to be any player housing?
Yes. Each character receives a home instance in their racial capital that is personalized according to the character's biography choices. The home will continue to change as the character becomes more involved in their personal story.

Will there be a pre-searing like area, like in Guild Wars Prophecies?
No. Because there are different racial starting areas the developers felt it was impractical to implement such areas.

What are the races I can play in Guild Wars 2?
Human, asura, charr, norn and sylvari are confirmed for the initial release.
Will there be any other races?
It has been stated that in the future, other races will be added. There won't be any others at the initial release of the game.

     I think that's all the ones I was interested in at the moment. "When it's done" sounds like Blizzard, though.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wondering about GW2

I've been thinking about Guild Wars 2 for a while, and have been playing GW:EN to unlock hall of monuments rewards, I'm doing okay on four points. Still, i was wondering about features in GW2, like races, professions, etc.
  1. Will Tengu be a playable race? Bird people are cool, and Talon Silverwing was one of my favourite characters in GW. I haven't played through the entire game, though. I found a discussion here. I hope they are included.
  2. Will Asura get to have "pet" golems, or be able to ride one, eg. if you wanted a warrior Asura.
  3. Logically, if they include Tengu because of Talon being a henchman, then centaurs should also be playable, because of Zhed Shadowhoof being a hero.
I think that's all I'm wondering for now, tell me if anything happens in the comments.