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Friday, January 28, 2011

Much More

Let's see, I just bought a daemon prince for 40k, and gave him wings and power armor. I'm going to use him as a tankbuster, or killer of tough things. I am thinking of giving him mark of Tzeench, increasing invulnerable saves, and taking bolt of Tzeench and unholy might. I am thinking of getting seekers next, or another Daemon prince, this one a Slaanesh, with pavane. Or maybe I'll get the Masque, despite the obvious weaknesses of low toughness and no unit protection. Not Soul Grinders; they are too expensive and not as durable as many other walkers.
   In Black Ops, I am trying to get good at... something. I have made a montage on youtube. Unfortunately, I just found out after I uploaded it that I wasn't allowed to use the song I'd chosen, and I've never even heard of any of the 'audioswap' songs or artists. It goes well with the music I chose.  .\/.

And it doesn't even play the game audio which is separate from the song.
Strangely, when I watch the video on my channel, it plays the music I chose.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yay, videos

Double kill, Comeback, Headshot, Hardscope
I made a youtube video. I could show you it, but I want to get hits on youtube. I used fraps and windows movie maker. It is me having a go at quick/hard scoping in black ops. Turns out it is hard scoping.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Gmod and other interesting HL2 stuff

I got Gmod recently. I played around on it, but I can't spawn NPCs in multiplayer mode. I downloaded the HLDJ so I could play music on it. I can't find how to set up a gmod dedicated server though. I did manage to get a group of antlions to stand up though. Their front-back legs keep flipping all over the place when I move the back-front legs, or the head. It takes a while to get HLDJ to work properly, so here's a quick startup guide: when you run it, get it to find your games, then on the main menu, click "audio converter, and in the "output directory", put your folder (I called mine "gmod music"). This is where hldj will look for the music. In setup pick "add all" then choose a play key (I use F4). Go back to the main menu, choose your game from the drop down menu, and press the "play" arrow. When ingame, press the tidle key ( ` ), next to the "1" on your keyboard, and type "la", use the number to pick a song, and then press ` again to exit the console, then press your selected key to play. You can hear your own music while playing, and so can everyone else. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back again

and on new years day. So I'm posting.
   For xmas, my family went to South Australia, for a family party. I ate lots of ham rolls and rocky roads at the party, and had a few cans of coke. I got to try out a bit of the Toy Story game, which was okay, but we only played in Woody's roundup, and didn't get anything done.
   For presents, I received a water pump, two music albums (Foo Fighters' greatest hits, and Fever), a book (Bloodborn), a remote control helicopter, and a jenga game. I've watched most of the videos on the Foo Fighters disc, and I've listened to Fever, which was alright, but I didn't especially like it too much. I haven't gotten the helicopter to hover yet, but we're trying to. At least it doesn't spin around. We played jenga as well. I haven't finished reading Bloodborn yet, but I like it so far, and I've read some of Nathan Long's other books, from the Blackhearts trilogy.
   Book review: This book is about a young vampire called Ulrika, who travels with Gabriella, her mistress, and she teaches Ulrika about living as a vampire. They are sent by the vampire queen to Nuln to find out what is killing and exposing the other vampires in Nuln. I has been very suspenseful so far, and I've tried to write a review before I finish because of this.
   I feel I'm forgetting something.