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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Catching up on stuff

List of things I need to write about:
  1. Music review
  2. Book review
  3. Funny stuff
  4. Game review
Ok, first off, I  recently listened to the album Fallen by Evanesence. I like alot of the songs, like Going Under, Bring Me to Life, and My Immortal. Amy Lee is very good at singing. I liked it so much, I'm trying to play  My Immortal on keyboard.
Well, I just read Terrier and Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce. They are about a girl named Beka Cooper, who trains to be a "Dog", one of the city guards. She has a few special abilities; she can talk to spirits that ride on pigeons, she can hear words that have been picked up by dust spinners, and she has a talking purple-eyed cat named Pounce. She is trained by Turnstall and Goodwin, who are some of the best dogs. She also makes friends with some newcomers to the Court of the Rogue. The Rogue controls crime in the city (like the Thieves' guild in Discworld). In the first book, she finds that a person called "The Shadow Snake" is stealing away children, and killing others.

   Funny Stuff.
Let's see...
And now for the game review.
   I played the demo of Winter Voices. This game has generally gotten bad reviews, but I liked it. It seems to have a good story, something I call and "Interactive Movie", which is meant to be a story, but you can play it as well. It would be nice if the demo lasted for more than a few minutes, but maybe it is a short game. It was a nice game, with good artwork.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What do you think?

I have (more or less) finished my daemon prince, and I have also built a doomsday device for the upcoming Apocalypse game. Datasheets are here. I hope it works when I use it. On a 12 on the effects table, it has a 6d6 radius explosion range, instantly "destroying all matter". I guess this includes terrain and super heavies. They are still allowed to take invulnerable saves against it, though. My doomsday device is a black bunker, made out of cardboard, and the story is that there are expendable cultists inside pressing buttons to make it go off. I was going to make a giant missile, but it doesn't just explode, it has other effects, like launching apocalyptic barrages, firing d6 beams of destruction, or d3+2 apocalyptic blasts. Or it might just not work. I will post pictures of both of them later. I am not the best painter.
   Also, a while back I mentioned that I was writing a book. Well, I decided to write a prequel instead, on how all the characters meet each other. Also to put down ideas that I had for another character that isn't in the first book I was writing. I am learning to draw in pencil; I can draw, but I can't to the full shading that you see in pictures like this one.
I will upload pictures in my next post.
   My youtube video is up, but without sound for some reason. It asked me to pick a new song, so I did, but it said I already had a request for a song change.